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Diva English Bulldog


Diva is a beautiful Black Trindle English Bulldog that was chosen to be our foundation female. she is the daughter of our stud Chubbs who is a grandson of Rarebulldogs extreme "Z" and has great structure. She is athletic with lots of drive and vigor. She takes every opportunity to run, play and fetch. I think she believes she is a true "diva", and she rules the household. She has been a joy to have as a member of the Taproot Bulldog family. She is the foundation of our Athletic Blue English Bulldogs.

Sadie English Bulldog


Sadie is a beautiful Chocolate English Bulldog that is very loving to all our family members and at times forgets her size. She loves to go on walks but if you ask her to fetch a ball, she will chase it only to have you go get it yourself. She is a healthy, intelligent and obedient bulldog that has been a joy to add to our Taproot bulldog family. She will be the start of our Chocolate English Bulldogs.

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About our Dogs

"Bulldogs a man's best friend"

TC Lee

TapRoot Bulldogs Pet service

TapRoot Bulldogs Pet service

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English Bulldog puppy Chocolate Tri female 3 weeks!

English Bulldog’s in colors

Bulldog bloodlines matters!

Miniature bulldogs puppies 3 weeks old

Exotic color English Bulldog puppies at 3 weeks

Exotic color English Bulldog puppies

English Bulldog puppies

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