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Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthy strong bulldogs of color that will bring joy and companionship as a new family member. We offer Standard size English Bulldogs and Small Standard size English Bulldogs at a fair price. so you can be confident when taking home one of our bulldog puppies.

Our Story

How we got started breeding


Back in 1982 when I bought my first poodle from a breeder and volunteered at her kennel spending countless hours learning as much as I could about breeding, I was hooked. I bought my first 5 females from her black, white, apricot, cafe au late' and chocolate. I wasn't just breeding but traveled to shows and competed when I thought I had the quality to show. Life got too busy when my now ex had our first child and I had to stop breeding. Fast forward 15 years, after I was remarried, I found out my new sister-in-law breed Miniature Schnauzers. We got a breeding pair from her and as a groomer I loved Schnauzer's but I had no idea that their driver to hunt small animals was so strong. These dogs chased mice, rats, snakes, birds and small kids so after 2 or 3 litters they had to go since the small kids were our grandkids.  Well 5 years ago my son needed to rehome a Miniature English Bulldog, which we took not realizing the adventure we were in for. We had a friend that wanted us to use our Miniature Bulldog with his male in which she had 9 live puppies with only 4 of needing to be rehomed. Our miniature bulldog, Manolo, had 5 litters and is now on our retirement plan. See I never thought I would ever love a breed like my Poodle from years ago or have the time to breed again. This all happened when I had to go on disability and Watching TV all day just wasn't in my nature! So I bought my first standard English Bulldog from a line that self whelped, since C sections are now the standard(more about this in my blog section). Coming from other breeds that breed and whelp on their own, we didn't know about all the changes to breeding. As my wife would say I am a tenacious learner and believe me the desire to gain the knowledge was on and Taproot bulldogs was born. We now have 5 English Bulldogs that are a part of our Taproot line and will continue to grow as Facilities allow. These dogs are not just a part of what we do, but very much a part of the family. We have dogs from some of the top studs and kennels in Bulldogs and staying true to goal of having strong, healthy,  athletic and loving companion dogs.

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