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Our Puppies

What We Offer

We are a breeder of companion rare colored English Bulldogs and Miniature English Bulldogs. We are raising and breeding for affectionate family pets.  We spend quality time daily with them, from the moment their born, to get them used to the attention and affection they are going to receive from their future families.  We raise our puppies around different ages of children, to get them used to children, loud sounds and lots of activity. We also give them playtime with several other puppies, getting them used to being around other puppies & dogs.  Lastly, we work on potty training with our puppies from the moment they start to walk around, and work on basic commands.  When you adopt a puppy from us, you get an affectionate, loving puppy, and the relief of knowing that if you have any problems or questions, you can contact us at any time.....but you don't just get a get a new family member!!

**We're sorry, but we don't offer returns, refunds or exchanges once the puppy leaves our care unless stated in the health contract or purchase agreement.  Because of the changes in surroundings, we can't say what your puppy has or hasn't came in contact with, while in your care, and have to protect our other puppies and dogs.  All of our puppies leave our home happy and healthy, they may be afraid or nervous for the first few days, and act different, but just reassure them that their ok, and they should be back to their old selves.




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